New Home, New Garden

We moved into our new house one month ago.  I absolutely adore it and I hope we live here for many, many years to come!

New Home

Welcome to our new home.

What has me most excited is the chance to garden, really garden.  I can’t wait to pore over seed catalogs and through websites to find the perfect plant.  Of course, I have been dabbling for years.  But I never had a home of my own, where I can put down roots, both literally and figuratively.


Boy, do I have my gardening work cut out for me!

It is November, and very little is green.  The fall leaves are still in their colorful glory, although more and more are on the ground rather than the branches.  There are a few trees I am worried about.  They almost certainly wouldn’t withstand an ice storm.  They overhang the driveway and a large stray branch could easily land on a car.   My goal for the week is to take care of them with my new mini chain saw.  I love power tools!

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A must grow!

My favorite flower has always been the peony – Sarah Bernhardt to be exact. It took three years to get my peonies to bloom after planting.

I think I may have found a perfect annual solution while I wait for my peonies to mature. I will definitely be planting some of these peony flowering poppies this coming spring. They couldn’t be more beautiful and they even come in colors you would never find in the peony world!  And, since they are self-sowing, they may be around for quite a while.

Purple Peony Poppy from

These poppies should do the trick until the peonies mature.

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